The Indian government is close to buying technology Cellebrite -


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Monday, 7 November 2016

The Indian government is close to buying technology Cellebrite

The Forensic Science Laboratory of India is very close to buying the technology created by the Israeli software developer Cellebrite, which allows access to an iPhone dodging all security measures Apple.

Before continuing, I remind you that the FBI came to Cellebrite to access the iPhone terrorist San Bernardino after Apple refused flatly to unlock it.

At the moment, both the amount of the operation how this purchase will mean for other countries is unknown, although a source of Forensic Science Laboratory has said:

"We probably have the technology within a month, so that India will become a global center for cases in which the police can not enter Apple smartphones."

Thus, although sources have provided no further details, it seems quite clear that the objective of India is to do business with the software, and have even come to declare that all requests they receive will have a " price".

Recall that repeatedly, the FBI has stated that encryption is a matter of vital importance in the fight against terrorism, so although Apple still refuses flatly to unlock the devices, it seems that Cellebrite is still possible.

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