The iPhone 4, curiously, is one of the most resilient Apple -


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Thursday, 24 November 2016

The iPhone 4, curiously, is one of the most resilient Apple

Thanks to a series of fortunate circumstances a Pennsylvania man has recovered an iPhone 4 in perfect condition ... What is surprising of all this? The iPhone 4 has been submerged underwater for more than a year.

Michael Guntrum lost his iPhone in a hole in the ice of Kyle Lake while fishing. IPhone 4 remained under the waters of Lake since March 2015 and has not been until this September when they met again.

The lake was drained because of structural problems of a nearby dam in September 2015. But it was not until October 2016 when Daniel Kalgren discovered the iPhone through a metal detector. A story worth telling.

The iPhone 4, curiously, is one of the most resilient Apple

In this way the iPhone 4 Michael Guntrum has become one of the toughest smartphones in the world after surviving one of the toughest tests in the history of mobile technology.

You can imagine the face that was left to Daniel Kalgren when, while looking for metal objects that people had lost, he came across this iPhone ...

As we report from Apple Insider iPhone 4 it was buried under 15 centimeters thick mud, but luckily was protected with a Otterbox case.

After the find, Kalgren took the terminal home, where he cleaned it and put it into rice. To his surprise, the iPhone 4 came back to life after two days.

The good guy from Daniel Kalgren contacted Michael Guntrum, owner of the iPhone 4, using a phone number that was on the smartphone. Currently both are sending emails in order to stay one day.

Michael Guntrum said he hopes to repair the iPhone 4, which is quite catastrophic state, so that his mother can finally have a smartphone ... Is not it a truly beautiful story?

This is not the first time that something similar has happened, although we doubt much that there are stories as spectacular as this. But from Apple say that from time to time users contact them to tell stories of iPhones surviving inhospitable conditions.

But the story of Michael Guntrum and your lucky iPhone 4 is much more curious because Apple a couple of months ago launched the iPhone in July , the first smartphone company with resistentia water ... or maybe not. (i.e.

Although it has to be recognized that the Otterbox has been the main responsible for the protection of the device against water damage. Wow! It seems that Otterbox is going to cover as cute selling cases this Black Friday ...

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