The iPhone 8 Plus Dual Camera will have Augmented Reality -


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Friday, 18 November 2016

The iPhone 8 Plus Dual Camera will have Augmented Reality

Apple is taking too long to embrace virtual reality technology in its gadgets. However, the company could enter the market thanks to augmented reality iPhone 8 Plus and dual camera.

From Business Insider say that Apple plans to incorporate augmented reality functions in the "Camera" iPhone application 8 Plus.

The software could be implemented in a similar way as it has new functionality portrait mode IOS 10.1 in dual camera iPhone 7 Plus.

Although, however, it is too early to assert or deny whether Apple will continue with the strategy of incorporating unique features in each model iPhone.

Apple already has a patent for virtual reality and other patent augmented reality . But now the company must develop the relevant technology in its devices. To do this, from Cupertino are already working with several startups augmented reality and virtual reality.

This initiative could mean that the dual camera of the iPhone 8 Plus can focus on a real-life object and recognize it automatically to digitize it and users can interact with it.

On the other hand, another possible functionality could be facial recognition and market manipulation, some similar features are already available on Snapchat and Masquerade.

From Mashable also they indicate that once the technology is available and implemented in software, Apple would release an SDK for third party developers to "play" with this new feature and offer new ways to iOS users.

The augmented reality is in vogue, and a clear example of this is the Pokémon GO game, since it triumphed high in the App Store causing players to take to the streets to use augmented reality to capture virtual creatures.

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