The iPhone 8 screen will be the best you've ever seen in your life -


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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The iPhone 8 screen will be the best you've ever seen in your life

Following numerous reports that have been lately about the alleged curved screen with OLED technology include the iPhone 8 today The Wall Street Journal published a story that suggests that it might have an iPhone device of this kind for the year 2017.

Much more resolution for this generation.

According to reports by The Wall Street Journal, Apple reportedly asked its partners to increase production of OLED screens, and "send the prototypes that have better resolution Samsung screens." This can leave many quite astonished, considering that the latest curved screens of Samsung have a resolution of 1440 x 2560. Could Apple be thinking of including screens with a higher resolution? It sounds crazy, but it does not make sense.

Do not forget that one of the most important partners of Apple in this OLED screens is the same Samsung. But this is no surprise, since many of the parts used by Apple are manufactured by this company, such as the RAM of the iPhone 7.

A new large curved screen

Currently Apple has been shuffling more than ten prototypes for the new iPhone, and the new curved screen has been present in many of them. However, the company could not market the device with curved screen for next year. But as always, from here we expect this device to arrive in 2017, because even though Apple devices are large terminals, the iPhone urgently needs a change in its design.

If the iPhone 8 curved screen is launched in 2017, we are confident that it will be more expensive than the regular versions because unlike cheap LCD screens, OLEDs have a rather high price. So far we do not know if the iPhone with curved screen will be small - about 4.7 inches - or if it will be a larger model - about 5.5 inches. However, this last variant would make more sense.

Although The Wall Street Journal does not mention the name of the next iPhone, if we take into account the amount of news that seems to bring, we can not see this new device under the name iPhone 7s, but rather as an iPhone in August. If we are wrong Only time will tell.

Apple is betting seriously on this new device that is alleged to be released next year. If everything ends up being true, we are confident that will be the best end of 2017.

Do you believe these rumors? Leave your answer in the comments!

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