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Monday, 28 November 2016

The jailbreak tweaks of the week

While there were many releases in Cydia jailbreak tweaks this month, there were some improvements in this week as many tweaks were released. Although the jailbreak for iOS 10 is not yet available, the world of Cydia is still intact and introducing new features for iOS 9 and earlier jailbreak devices.

Next, we'll name some of the top tweaks that have appeared this week, giving a short description of each of them.


NotificationPop is a tweak that lets you manage your notifications banners more easily on your jailbroken device.

With it, you can use a 3D touch gesture anywhere on the screen to easily open a notification that appears on the top of the device. With that, you no longer have to slide your short fingers to the top of that large size iPhone that you use.

You can learn more about NotificationPop in this article .

Google Maps - No Location Services Alert

The operation of this tweak is quite simple, since its only purpose is to avoid that a popup appears in the Google Maps app when you have disabled the access of the location in the same app.

The tweak is free and you can have more information on this article .


This jailbreak tweak incorporates style notifications iOS 10 devices with iOS in September.

The tweak is worth about $ 0.99 and can get more info from this link .

This were some of the new things that were seen in the jailbreak world. If you are interested in seeing more tweaks jailbreaks, we invite you to keep abreast with iphoneate where we keep you updated with the latest news from Apple and the world of jailbreak.

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