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Friday, 4 November 2016

The Lightning Final Charger for iPhone and iPad

Technology advances by leaps and bounds to give us a little life and the process less cumbersome than usually every day.

Today we'll show the definitive charger for your devices using a Lightning USB port or either an iPhone, iPad or Android device.


The magnetic wire X-Connect will allow us to connect our device quickly and easily, through a magnet connector linking the port barely get closer, whatever our device. Disconnection is also very simple, we just have to pull a little for the phone to be disconnected without any additional effort.

However, the magnet used is strong enough, so we can pick up our phone using the cable in case it falls into place too narrow for our arm.

All this is possible thanks to small adapters that are connected to the port terminal our -available for Lightning, USB-C and Micro-USB-. With only bring our device, the cable will find the way to the adapter. Once connected, it will emit a green light to let us know it's working. In addition we can also transfer data from our computer.

A product development

The project is being funded with donations made through the Indiegogo page, which allows small entrepreneurs get the amount needed to carry out a project they have in mind.

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At the time of this writing the company has raised $ 189.372, still well above the 30,000 initially needed.

Projects like this make our day a little easier day, which is always appreciated. We hope this new cable you liked it. And you know, if you want to see come true, it would be best to its creators will donate something through the Indiegogo platform.

What did you think of the magnetic cable? Leave your answer in the comments!

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