The new iPhone will charge your battery in seconds -


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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The new iPhone will charge your battery in seconds

Apple has a serious problem with the batteries we know all its users. Those of Cupertino have as maximum maximum to reduce all its components and the batteries give good proof of it. While it is true that increasingly incorporate more efficient and powerful models, the reality is that like every iPhone requires higher energy consumption, consumers hardly noticed the difference and check how the battery of a terminal acquired a couple of months ago not last a single Day of demanding use. It is also that iPhone batteries are not removable priori, so next to the button Home, is what supports worse over time.

Likewise, we can not ignore the issue of explosions terminals in their latest models . Although Apple has blamed the fact the original chargers not , it is obvious that perhaps their endurance and performance tests are not as stringent as they should. Fortunately, Apple seems to have put to work facing all these challenges with measures that improve the user experience in this regard. If until now there has been speculation wireless charging , the instantaneous load would be an optimal solution. And it seems to be closer than we think.

A team of researchers from the University of Central Florida has developed a prototype battery that is charged in seconds and lasts several days, this project has just been published in the journal ACS Journal. The storage device is made of a flexible material with supercapacitancia that allows a greater energy storage and a load very fast than the traditional batteries Li-Ion. But also, this supercapacitor is also much more respectful of the environment, degrade much more slowly and allowing optimal performance for more than 30,000 loads.

That supercapacitors are the future of batteries is something that in the scientific field has been known for years. Elon Musk himself - a likely successor to Tim Cook as CEO of Apple - Steve Jobs predicted to as ultracapacitors in 2011 that would replace conventional batteries in the future.

These versions scale batteries used in the heart of electronic devices and permit loads much faster because they store electricity on its surface - unlike traditional batteries, which power is generated by chemical reactions -.

nd darling, here another challenge is launched: If we require a lot of energy need a large area opposed to the increasingly minimalist and reduced Apple designs, which will surely find the answer for example using a similar design or distribution to heat exchangers. These prototypes instantaneous load battery are made with graphene microcableado high density which significantly increases its surface, but be investigated to find other materials that offer similar or superior performance.

Of course, all these investigations are still in prototype phase, so that these advances will not reach the market until within a couple of years. For now, let's intuit that the external batteries may have the days counted and we glimpse a promising future for iPhone, other wearables and why not, maybe even the batteries of cars.

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