The Nokia with Android return in 2017 and confirms that they are the ideal partner -


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Monday, 21 November 2016

The Nokia with Android return in 2017 and confirms that they are the ideal partner

If there is a mythical signature on the mobile phone, one to which mostly remember it fondly, is Nokia. And we have confirmation that the Finnish company returns to smartphones in 2017 and it seems that Android's hand.

The return of Nokia has been talking for several years, especially since they began to filter ideas and prototypes of phones that could come out at the end of this year 2016 although it seems that it will finally be in 2017 when we see a new line of smartphones with this brand, as it has been leaked in an image developed by the roadmap of the company.

Nokia will not manufacture

It is important to note that Nokia will not be the company that manufactures the terminals as it once did. Which it will handle this is HDM, a new company created between two industry giants Nokia and Foxconn.

The former will bring the brand, patents and also an important control of the development of product and production while the latter will be those who physically build the devices.

This seems to us a very good idea because Nokia has been characterized, although we do not know if after the leak of most of his equipment will continue to be so, for some interesting designs and a rather sturdy construction.

Foxconn is nothing less than responsible for manufacturing mobile phones like the iPhone, so the ability of companies to satisfy their most demanding customers seems beyond doubt.

First Nokia with Android before the summer

Although no dates have been confirmed yes it is estimated that the first mobile with the Nokia brand created this joint venture will be launched before the summer, and there will be more throughout the year. It is possible that the presentation takes place in the MWC, although it could also be seen in an own event since the attention in this type of congresses is diluted enough.

In addition to be seen how will the Android version used, although it is quite possible that based on what we saw on the tablet that launched a few years ago, the Nokia N1 .

The launcher could be a differentiating factor as it is in so many manufacturers but we hope the interface will not change much as brands such as Huawei and Meizu and the company bet on something more similar to LG or Samsung, but ideally it might be something more like To what Motorola has.

The danger of nostalgia

It is undeniable that few brands of mobile phones have left such a deep impression on users like Nokia. In addition to transmitting values ​​such as resilience and innovation, the company bets on a wide audience.

However, although mitifiquemos the Nokia 3310 or still secretly wish Nokia 8210 should be understood that the present world of smartphones is not what it was 15 years ago.

Nokia created large smartphones like the Nokia 7650 or Nokia N95 but failed to adapt to the paradigm shift that the iPhone and Android.

Nostalgia can deceive us
We assume that the new models will come with Google's operating system, which will be marketed worldwide and will have prices and features that will make it competitive but, to date, that is not enough.

The need for distinction

In a time when Chinese brands are putting the market shares of giants like Apple or Samsung in danger it is clear that Nokia needs to reach a point differential. You can not pretend to be one more manufacturer and live off your memories.

Xiaomi has shown what is the way in creating a great product at a great price and monetizing through the community. Brands like Motorola have demonstrated the value of an almost pure Android and what affects brand perception rapid upgrade the system.

Nokia will need at least something of that caliber to be able to position itself, as well as a very strong investment in advertising to counter the one being made by Huawei, but also Samsung, Oppo and other heavyweight manufacturers.

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