The OLED screen would be exclusive to a single model of iPhone 8

According to the latest rumors, the expected OLED screen hit the iPhone in the next year, but unfortunately for many would not have it the way we expected.

Apparently, the OLED screen would be exclusive to a special iPhone model, while normal models of 4.7 and 5.5 inches would still use an LCD.

"Next year will see three models of iPhone: one with OLED screen and two screens of 4.7 and 5.5 - inch LCD screen.
IPhone with OLED display will also feature a dual rear camera like the standard 5.5 - inch model.
We believe that this will help Apple increase sales considerably, since most users are looking to jump into the technology. "
While it is true that Kuo did not mention what screen size will the iPhone that has OLED technology, this could be 5.8 inches, without bezels and curved say how many rumors.

Thus, as long as all information are correct, this would be the 'iPhone Tenth Anniversary' which is so much talk, that is, an iPhone with exclusive features that come to commemorate the ten year life of the device.
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