The Samsung Galaxy S8 screen would be sensitive to pressure -


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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The Samsung Galaxy S8 screen would be sensitive to pressure

There are many rumors that arise around the new flagship of Samsung, the alleged Samsung Galaxy S8 and it is not surprising due to the pressure that is on the firm.

The Korean company must give a big bombshell to overcome the blow of the Galaxy Note 7 and S8 seems the terminal indicated for it.

The latest leaks speak of a pressure sensitive screen for Samsung's new star terminal, something we've seen on the iPhone but also expensive versions of models of Xiaomi and Huawei.

La fuerte apuesta de Samusng en el Galaxy S8 afectaría a la pantalla

According to a manager at Samsung, told The Investor , "Samsung is considering the adoption of technology pressure partially screens the S8 although the total adoption will be in one or two years."

Samsung does not want to stop being a reference

Currently the Korean company is the largest in terms of mobile telephony, but it knows that there are others that are on their heels.

The same representative from Samsung said : "It 's about time that a large manufacturer aggressively implement technology to improve the management interface."

Samsung's fear might be to be ahead in a potentially potentially large change and having to respond in a hasty way.

Software is needed

The point is that a hardware function of this kind need to be harnessed through good integration with the system and today Android not have even the latest version presents the shortcuts that although can be used in any touch screen would receive more relevant with a Screen sensitive to pressure in a similar way as Apple iOS does.

Third-party applications could also benefit from this new way of using the screen although for now the rumors do not reach that much.

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