The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the future of artificial intelligence in mobile -


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Monday, 7 November 2016

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the future of artificial intelligence in mobile

Samsung preinstalled applications have always been controversial, often not so much for its quality or usefulness and its huge amount.

However we must recognize the Korean manufacturer that gradually try to better control such aspects as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 saw how the number of apps from Samsung preinstalled while many were united in a single was reduced on particularly those relating to spen.

But that does not mean that Samsung does not improve and implement new applications, especially after the rise of attendees voice using artificial intelligence, something that looks like Amazon and Google rule the roost but it's a matter of time also let's look at the big mobile manufacturers.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the container of the IA

The flagship of next year, the Samsung Galaxy S8 , is according to the latest rumors the first Samsung phone to feature Artificial Intelligence thanks to a wizard - based voice technology Viv Labs Inc, the company that bought Samsung and it was founded by one of the creators of Siri, Apple's famous assistant.

In addition to the Galaxy S8 it is implemented this technology in wearable devices, wereables, the Asian firm, something very logical given that voice interaction makes more sense even in watches and bracelets for their limited screen.

Interaction with others is claveRhee Injong, executive vice president of Samsung, he said that its new intelligent assistant allow interoperation with applications from external developers, which will enhance their own abilities.

This is very important because even voice controls take on Samsung Galaxy S3 since the company needs a strong shock to re-attract those consumers who have felt alienated from the company after problems Note 7.

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