The Samsung Galaxy S8: With curved display, larger and heirs Note -


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Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Samsung Galaxy S8: With curved display, larger and heirs Note

To say that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is an expected terminal is not saying anything new. To the good work of his predecessor has joined the problem with Galaxy Note 7 so the response of the Korean corporation must be doubly good.

The latest rumors indicate that the S8 will come in two variants, something expected if we look at not only what happened this year with the S7 but what we saw earlier with the S6.

However there would be an important difference and it is that the two devices would have the curved screens, not existing a flat version. Besides that curvature would occur on both sides of the terminal, something expected but that has not always been given, remember the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

Impressive dimensions screens

In addition to this other leaks that indicate that the screen sizes would rise quite noticeable in the case of the smallest terminal to 5.7 inches and greater in the case of the 6.2 - inch bind.

In order to make mobile phones with such large screens without penalizing Samsung size would bet on something similar to what has done Xiaomi in the MI MIX, bring the ratio of the front occupied by the screen above 90%.

This would have no edges on the sides but possibly not on the top of the terminal.

No Home Button

As if this were not enough there are also rumors that Samsung would finally abandon its iconic front button in the bottom area so there would be more room for the screen.

This is not to say that it is left without fingerprints sensor since there are other rumors that point to that it would be optical and could be integrated well behind or under the screen.

Three filtered models

Nomenclatures of the filtered models are the SM-G950 and SM-G955, consistent with the Galaxy S range as were the S7 S7 SM-G93x. This seems to indicate that the Korean company will skip the designation SM-G94x, perhaps because of the Asian superstition that the number 4 brings bad luck. And if you do not think of an old Nokia with that number.

But these are just two models.

The third has the codename SM-N950, and this is important because the SM-NXX series is the name given to the Galaxy Note so that, if true, this would confirm that Samsung is already working on a successor Galaxy Note 7, but that does not mean it will call Galaxy Note 8.

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