The science behind the aggressive tests of Gorilla Glass 5 -


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Saturday, 12 November 2016

The science behind the aggressive tests of Gorilla Glass 5

Creating glass so strong as to withstand bumps and scratches without being disturbed is not easy. Just ask a Corning Gorilla Glass : glass sheets has been selling ultra resistant since 2007. At first I was not meant for smartphones, but nobody can deny its benefits to the screens. Gorilla Glass makes them tough. A lot.

What is a Corning Gorilla Glass? Without going into the version, it is a type of glass made with a combination of alkali-aluminosilicate hardens using chemical and physical techniques. Thin, transparent, very resistant and best generation after generation. Today, Corning Gorilla Glass manufactures the Model 5.

How do I verify that the Gorilla Glass is resistant?

Having one of these sheets protecting the screen of our smartphone is a sign of guarantee. It does not have too much to see the fifth generation with the first one that protected the original iPhone: Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is much more resistant to scratches, blows and falls. Specifically, the screen of a mobile equipped with this toughened glass resists drops from 1.6 meters, holds almost any scratches caused by sharp metal objects and is thinner and lighter than ever. Here are their specifications .

Okay, this is what Corning says, he would not sell a single glass if he did not trust his product. But do not think that says it happened, that it performs very demanding tests with your product; Taking advantage of all the science that would attack a smartphone in reality.

The tests are based on replicating the usual physical circumstances that precede any catastrophe. Machines that measure the resistance of the glass to the pressure, to the blows, milling machines that attack the crystals with brushes of metal to verify how it withstands the scratches ... It is worth to see it, here you have it.

Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is in phones like the HTC Bolt newly introduced . And there is a curiosity about this particular model toughened glass. The first smartphone was equipped Samsung Galaxy Note 7 The poor did not help much ...

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