The Videos app will be replaced by TV on iOS 10.2 -


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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The Videos app will be replaced by TV on iOS 10.2

Every time is getting closer and closer to the release of the new version of iOS 10.2, which will bring some interesting new novelty. One is the new app TV, which although initially only be available in the United States, certainly make a difference as to how the contents are enjoyed.

And it is that this new app will bring together all the content available for our devices in one place, and allow us to access them quickly. In addition, a recommendation engine will suggest the best suited to our tastes programs so that we can always discover the best of the best.

The evolution of the app Videos

Now the novelty has brought new development version of IOS 10.2, we talked more here , it is also related to the Videos app. That allowed us and allows us to access the library of iTunes movies through iOS, in addition to the store itself Apple.

Now, in those countries where TV is available, the app Video will be hidden by default. This is a completely normal move, taking into account that the new TV app is the evolution of the previous one, which now not only allows access to the contents of iTunes, but also to the other partner providers.

A necessary change

It must be said that this is a somewhat late change. While the rest of my saw improved its functionality largely Videos continued to offer the same functions, with minor cosmetic changes. And there comes a time when a good transformation is needed.

We can always re-enable it in Settings, with a small change in the configuration of the TV app. However, I do not think many people will ever do this, when the new application offers them a better repertoire of features.

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