These are the new emojis included in IOS 10.2 -


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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

These are the new emojis included in IOS 10.2

One of the main features that Apple has included in IOS 10.2 is Unicode support 9 which gives how resulted in the inclusion of 72 new emoji.

Among them are new faces, professions, animals, food and even gestures, how the surfer greeting Ronaldinho became fashionable in his time as an FC Barcelona player.

In addition, some of the existing emoji how the flame, the moon, the car or photo camera have been redesigned and now offer a much more modern than previously appearance.

What do you think the new emojis? I remember the first beta of IOS 10.2 is now available for both developers and for all who are enrolled in the program of public betas of Apple.

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