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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

(" Think different ") Steve Jobs - 1997 - 2011

If we talk about Apple and we have to think of a name inevitably silhouette of Steve Jobs is drawn on the canvas of our minds. It is logical, because it is one of the most important characters in the technological landscape in recent decades. The iPhone owes much to this man, and not just phones firm bite of the apple, because much has also influenced the rest of firms and how today understand the devices we use.

But we know that something important must have many names behind because it is the fruit of the collaboration of great innovative and creative minds. One such minds is Ken Segall (1950, Detroit, USA). The echo of the name Jobs is much larger than this man, but it is certainly one of the participants in what Apple is today.

Segall was creative director of Cupertino giant and worked closely with the great Steve Jobs since he returned to the company in 1997 until his death in 2011. Among the ideas that emerged from his creative mind is the famous slogan "Think Different "(" Think different "), with which the company wanted to project an image that desmarcase the rest.

This genius who worked for Apple to become the firm that manages to make their presentations about events that could well be rock stars concerts. Ken Segall published the book "Incredibly Simple" in 2012, which simplicity as main and common characteristic of all that follows Apple makes.

Let 's say Segall is one of the "guilty" that the signing of Tim Cook is the standard bearer of intuitive and simple, within the complexity involving devices. This is perhaps one of the most distinctive and attractive points of products Made by Apple, because users find in them all the innovation of the hand of simplicity, and that is something very difficult to achieve.

This year Segall has released new book, this time under the title "Think Simple: How Smart Leaders Defeat Complexity" which follows the same line as above but this time Segall emphasizes the importance of simplicity in business, how to use it as a "weapon" to grow an empire like Cupertino.

After the farewell to Steve Jobs, Apple was orphaned man who one day dared to take the bite that has become one of the icons of the technological age we live in. Tim Cook took over and works to make possible the continuation of the dream of Jobs, but the creative ideas of great minds like Segall should be the roadmap Apple. Only in this way it will be the innovative firm that was. Personally, I think that in order to become the company's "Think Different", the iPhone 8 should surprise more and better than the iPhone in July . What do you think?

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