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Thursday, 17 November 2016

This is how Apple Product Prototypes are Created

If you're a little curious and passionate about technology, certainly more than once you've wondered how the prototypes of the different devices are manufactured. Well, your doubts will now be resolved thanks to a new book recently released by Apple that showcases the company's designs over two decades.

The book, published under the title "Designed by Apple in California" features a compilation of all product designs created over 20 years by the company on the block. That includes designs made at the time that Steve Jobs was at the helm of the company, but also others belonging to the new era of Apple in which is directed by Tim Cook.

Here we show a short video of an interview with House Brutus , a firm Japanese designs, Jony Ive, who since last year is the first CDO Apple's history. Do you want to know what he said? Keep reading!

The designers are in charge of creating the different prototypes

And this is not just any interview, as in the video also can be seen images of industrial design studio of Apple, which was supposed to be a secret (at least so far). In addition, you can also observe several designers creating prototypes of different devices, such as Mac or iPhone computers, among others.

Of course, do not expect to see how Apple reveals some future project secrets in the video, since you will not get it. How could it be otherwise, as is the case with most such video, features the voiceover of Jony Ive, which has one of the things we have learned is the importance of listening.

And according Ive points out, sometimes the best ideas come from the hand of the quietest voice. On the other hand, comments that over the years have created a great team and environment that believes that increases the chances of having good ideas.

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