This is iEspejo, the smart mirror that Apple designed -


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Sunday, 20 November 2016

This is iEspejo, the smart mirror that Apple designed

Back in February, a man named Max Braun used a two - sided glass mirror and some electronic components and a couple of lines of code I create a smart mirror that responds to voice and is updated automatically. Continuing the wake of the internet of things and philosophy Do it yourself - in English acronym IoT and DIY respectively - Rafael Dymek has gone beyond adapting the intelligent interface Apple, specifically iOS 10 mirror the current Of Apple software applied to their devices.

The use is extremely intuitive: click on the mirrored surface and start enjoying your chances, but if you ever want to use it as a mirror simply deslízalas aside functionality achieved intelligent mirror is maxim. In iEspejo see the date and Hour in the upper right corner and the weather forecast on the left.

But is not there the thing has numerous integrated apps that allow for example see Neflix - although it is advisable not to do while you're waxing eyebrows or yourself shaving -, read the news, check your social networks, using Uber, listen to music Streaming with Spotify or adjusting the room temperature with a thermostat.

This is a prototype that has nothing to do with Apple but let 's face it , more than one of us would like to have in our home and use the time to peak as we acicalamos.

If you do not believe or want to check how amazingly cool it would be this iEspejo click to see the video. Simply stunning! Of course, remember that it is only an interesting amateur project and not an official Apple product.

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