This is the most secure Touch ID in the world - Humor -


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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

This is the most secure Touch ID in the world - Humor

Unlock iPhone (or iPad) through the functionality Touch ID it does not have to be a boring and mechanical process. It can also be original, fun and, in this case, very safe.

Most iOS users use the fingerprint of the index finger to activate the Touch ID and unlock the iPhone, and now that Apple requires pressing the Home button if you disable Touch ID.

This member has wanted to go further thanks to the invaluable help of his lovely pet: a hedgehog.

As you've already figured out at this point, YouTube's RM Videos user used the little leg of his Sashimi hedgehog to set up Touch ID activation.

Then we leave you with the video we talked about.

A hedgehog legs have five fingers with sharp claws, are designed to dig ... But in this case also seem to be designed for the iPhone, since the leg of Sashimi fits perfectly with the iPhone Home button.

Thus, Sashimi has become the safest way to protect the privacy of an iPhone. Who would think of using a hedgehog to unlock a stolen / found iPhone? (i.e.

And you? How do you unlock your iPhone? Do you use the Touch ID? Do you press the Home button on iOS 10? Participate in the comments section.

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