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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

This is the New and Romantic Effect of iMessage for iOS 10.2

As you well know, Apple released the beta of IOS 10.2 incorporating very interesting new software iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Some of the new features include 10.2 iOS emoji Unicode 9.0, wallpapers iPhone 7, the app TV and a nice effect for iMessage ...

The new background effect for iMessage is especially intended for romantics, it is that your animation consists of a balloon-shaped heart that incha and flying up toward the top of the screen.

In this video you will see the effect in action, in addition to other features of iOS 10.2:

Enable background effects in iMessage is as easy as holding down the submit button and, immediately afterwards, click on the "Background Effects" tab to choose the one you like.

Additionally Apple has also added another background effect for the native iOS 10.2 Messages application. This is a new fund called "Celebration" that plays an animation with elegant golden spheres.

In addition to the new background effects for talks iMessage platform, iOS 10.2 implements many new features for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch:

  • Three new wallpapers for iPhone 7
  • A new Widget for the native application Videos
  • A new fit for the Camera app
  • New emojis of the platform Unicode 9.0
  • "Hold to talk" in Settings for Home button
  • Reviews of stars in Apple Music
  • New Bluetooth EarPods icon in status bar
  • SOS functionality by pressing 5 times the Home button
  • TV application

IOS 10.2 is currently in beta and will not be until late November or even early December when Apple releases public final version for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. What do you think about the new iOS 10.2?

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