This tweak gives you a better user experience by using Google Maps (jailbreak) -


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Sunday, 27 November 2016

This tweak gives you a better user experience by using Google Maps (jailbreak)

While most people grant access to the Google map application to know their location for browsing purposes, not everyone uses Google Maps to navigate it. Other users primarily use the app to explore the region and prevent Google Maps from accessing its location for privacy reasons.

If you 're one of those people, and receive alerts detest location services, then you must install a new free jailbreak tweak called Google Maps - No Location Services Alert.

Google Maps - No Location Services Alert comes with no options to configure, the tweak works immediately after installation. When you install, you will no longer see the cursor above when you have location services for Google Maps.

The tweak works when location services are disabled for Google Maps, as well as when temporarily disable location services for all applications on your iPhone or iPad.

If you still wonder why someone would use Google Maps without giving you access to their location, there are a number of reasons that answer this question, starting with the fact that Google takes your data and not everyone is comfortable with this, from a perspective Of privacy.

On the other hand, you can still use Google Maps to find places and get from point A to point B when you do it manually, even when you have the location services disabled, so the application is still useful even without location services. The only thing that really gets lost in real time navigation.

Google Maps - No Location Services Alert does a great job of keeping the popup window hidden whenever you run the application, so if you are a user that does not give access to the location in Google Maps, we invite you to try this tweak.

Google Maps - No Location Services Alert is in the Cydia BigBoss repository for free, and works with all jailbroken iPhones and iPads.

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