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Friday, 18 November 2016

Tips to Improve the Precision of the Apple Watch Heart Rate Monitor

The Apple Watch has a heart rate sensor that lets you know the beats you have, perfect both to carry monitor heart health as exercise. This sensor is very precise, but on occasion you may notice that the data that the sensor shed does not correspond to the current state in which you are.

For example, you can be sitting quietly in the relaxed sofa and see how the heart Crecencia above normal or upside down, you can be exercising and your heart rate are well below what you would expect. These erroneous or readings inaccurate occur occasionally but do not have to worry because it is easy to fix and get pulsómetro improve the accuracy of the Watch.

Here we have some tricks to improve the accuracy of heart rate monitor the Apple Watch. You will see that they are the simplest and you will get your smartwatch to better read your pulsations. Here we go!

Improves accuracy of the Apple Watch heart rate monitor

If the first reading do not block your present state, it is advisable to wait for the Apple Watch makes a second reading of your pulse. The last readings are usually more accurate, especially if the former is not as expected.

If you have waited several more readings and follow abnormal heart rate up looking like you look if you put the watch strap so that it fits comfortably on your wrist. One of the most common causes for which the Apple Watch provides inaccurate heart rate readings seems to be that it is due to the adjustment of the belt itself.

If you wear loose strap and Apple Watch moves on your wrist, or there is a noticeable gap between the watch and the skin, it is very likely to make inaccurate reading of your heart rate. To get a more accurate reading make sure the Apple Watch is adjusted to your wrist and the sensors on the bottom of the box is in contact with the skin.

Finally, check that no dirt or on the skin or in the sensors themselves. Another reason why the Apple Watch offers inaccurate heart rate readings is due to dirt from the light sensors on the back: unstained skin cream, sunscreen, sweat sensor dirt ...

Could a software update be the solution?

From OSXDaily they speak of the possibility that these failures precision Pulsometer the Apple Watch may be related to the software. In case this bug is real, a watchOS update could end these problems and make the sensor much more accurate from the first reading.

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