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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Top 10 Accessories for less than 20 euros for Black Friday

Take advantage of offers of Black Friday and treat yourself to a new headset, a speaker, quantifying bracelet or some more things for less than 20 euros.

After the Black Friday arrives 11.11, bids arrive each year before and for some days we can start buying things. So that you do not go crazy diving between the web we bring you a selection of technological products that you can buy for less than 20 euros during Black Friday. If your budget is the same 20 euros drop by our article in omicrono to know how to invest them .


Quantitative Bracelets

If you do not have a quantizer bracelet and want to start some control over your physical activity is the best choice My Band Xiaomi, during the Black Friday 1S version even has heart rate reader is available for 10 euros. There is no smart bracelet more advisable to start in the world, you will be surprised your battery that you will not have to charge for 1 month.

For less than 20 euros we can also find smarter bracelets even some good - looking smartwatch that lets you take screen daily activity (do not make many illusions that do not usually quantify very good), time and even notifications.

The MiFone L58 Smart Watch nice is a time compatible with your mobile Android 4.0 onwards, it is even waterproof with IP67, has Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to your phone, if then half quantifies well as long story with ofertaza by Which is available for 15 euros.

Mobile Phone Accessories

Bluetooth Speaker

Surely you are the one who carries the music on his back, and if not, you would like to. Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and share the music you want through this Bluetooth speaker Xiaomi now you can buy for 17 euros. Chollazo in sight. Compatible with any mobile with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher has a battery of 1,200 mAh with which you can be listening to music for 10 hours continuously.

If you're a little more geek you can buy Bluetooth speaker Iron Man , for 7 euros you will not find better tribute to your favorite superhero.

Extreme battery

You go with the charger to tow or carry an external battery, is the dilemma that we face every morning when leaving home, the external battery of 10,000 mAh Xiaomi is one of the best buys you can do without question, if Is for 13 euros much more. With 10,000 mAh you will have between 3 and 5 full loads of your mobile.


Okay, sure in the box your phone came headphones but maybe are a little below the performance you expect out, a budget does not have to mean looking for a low quality product so headphones Xiaomi Hybrid are a good buy. Of the best you can buy in value for money, now you can get them for 15 euros.

Bluetooth Gloves and Cap

Eye that with this pack you are going to succeed during the winter, gloves with which you can control the mobile without removing them and a cap to pass the songs of your mobile without taking it out of the pocket. The cap connects to the mobile through Bluetooth and with its buttons you can raise or lower the volume and even change the songs. The super pack of three products is available for 14 euros.

Mobile Lens Kit

If you like to play with the photography you can start with this kit consisting of 5 lenses that you can adapt to the camera of your mobile phone, a frame, a fisheye ... etc that you can buy for 7 euros.

Mobile phone tripod

Plant the mobile on any surface and make the photos you want, play with the camera exposure or simply to view any multimedia content without holding the phone. This mobile phone tripod for less than 3 euros is an indispensable purchase.

SIM Card Adapter

To complete the purchase of any of the products that we have reviewed previously you can add this pack of adapters for SIM cards for less than 1 euro. An adapter card Nano SIM to micro SIM and SIM plus a mini skewer to remove the card slot. An absolute must have at home.

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