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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Turn off Oye Siri temporarily with a surprising trick

Let's face it : Hey Siri is a tremendously original and useful functionality. That you can access the virtual assistant of your iPhone located nearby with your voice is simply wonderful. But sometimes it can catch you for example talking to another person, in the middle of a conference, in a hospital ... and you would wish to have it deactivated on time. So let's teach you to disable that feature with a surprising trick.

Before you start you will need to have your iPhone updated with the latest versions of iOS, otherwise you can not turn off momentarily - not completely and permanently - Hey Siri.

Deactivating Oye Siri in a timely manner

To turn off punctually Hey Siri simply have to place your device face down on a flat place, ie, with the screen touching the surface. While the iPhone is in this position, Oye Siri will not work. Easy, right? Of course, if you place the iPhone face up - or sideways or standing, any other orientation that you think of - then Oye Siri will activate again as if nothing.

Needless to say, this useful trick will not work if you Hey Siri completely off, because this ruse only serves to temporarily stop Siri Hey, not to activate the function from scratch. Remember that to do so should go to Settings> Siri Siri and there mark to initialize the virtual assistant and some other options like Hey Siri own or access to locked screen.

This trick is especially interesting when you have multiple gadgets Apple with Siri Hey function activated and when you throw a question you want only one answer, then you can put any of them face down to avoid a comic three -party conversation.

Do you use Oye Siri regularly? Did you know this trick? Leave your impressions in the comments

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