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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Turn your iPhone into an impressive microscope

The iPhone is, with permission of the dog, man's best friend. And is that in addition to calling allows us an endless number of activities: calendar, calendar, messaging, productivity, camera, payment method ... and now we have to add one more tool: the microscope. Yes, I know that if you bring the camera too close to an object and zoom in, the vision becomes blurred when you are unable to focus. But this is over with a lens - shaped sticker that just launched to the market that turns your iPhone into a microscope precision. If you want to buy it, it is already on sale at a very interesting price.

The project Blips lens was released on the website of crowfunding Kickstarter this May and as expected, got their initial investment, so the project went ahead and now are available to everyone. They are the finest lens world a portable microscope and support for almost any smartphone or tablet on the market.

The basic kit comes with two Blips macro and micro lenses, which are composed of several layers of a transparent material that serves as lens. Stick to your iPhone as a regular sticker, but using the electrostatic force to keep it fixed to your device, so forget that it will take off.

Zooms regard to implementing the macro lens can focus Blips details with a zoom of 1/7000 inch, while the micro focuses 1/20 inch. Obviously not going to compete with a laboratory microscope, but are ideal for take photos in detail small things like insects, flowers, fibers and the like.

Blips This original kit costs $ 29.90 and you can order them from your web Blips SmartMicroOptics considering sending everyone, yes, from next month. If you have an acquaintance, friend or family geek or nature lover, the Blips lenses are a great detail for Christmas.

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