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Thursday, 10 November 2016

US Elections Will Take A toll on Apple

Hangover post elections in the United States. I suppose in this respect there will be opinions of all shapes and colors.

Far from merely get me in politics, I dedicate these lines to the impact will President-elect Donald Trump on new technologies, and the price of Apple devices.

Internet Restrictions

Trump has publicly stated in separate occasions to close or veto certain parts of the Internet. You want to have more control over something as difficult to control as the flow of information on the internet.

Thus, the Republican candidate has shown totally against net neutrality implemented by the Obama administration.

If Obama advocated internet as an engine of economic and social growth, Trump is totally against this measure. With that, surely focus on removing this law that advocated data traffic above the connection price.

The position of Apple in connection with encryption iPhone phone was found in the shooting of San Bernardino in December 2015 has put the company on the block in the crosshairs of the new US president.

"You have to boycott all Apple products until they give information to the authorities on the phones of the radical Islamic terrorist couple."

At that time, Apple refused to unlock the phone found by its principles of protection of the rights and safety of its users. Understandable posture to those who share the Apple philosophy about its defense of a more closed operating system to make it many more stable and secure.

Apple, in the spotlight of Donald Trump

Well, this episode we will be expensive to the company Steve Jobs legacy. Trump is firmly determined that, starting with Apple and followed by others, all their equipment and terminals manufactured in national territory , products that are 100% made in USA.

The first thing that I can think of, is not going to be anything pleasant for users. If companies have to assemble all their equipment in national territory, and hire workers made in USA, it is clear that the production costs of the terminals will increase exponentially.

And, let 's face it , companies such as Apple are not party to lose or reduce in a significant way its benefits. So, it is sure there will be a price increase on all types of terminals brand.

We will see in the end what is happening in everything related to these elections, with the world of technology and above all, with the Apple world.

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