Use your iPhone without problems during the winter with gloves Mujjo -


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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Use your iPhone without problems during the winter with gloves Mujjo

Tired of you freeze the hand in winter because you need to remove your glove to use the iPhone? Today is very easy to find typical gloves compatible wool with mobile screens for very little money, but some people are looking more durable and elegant.

If this is your case we invite you to keep reading, because the guys Mujjo have several models compatible with touch screens gloves also feature a stunning design. In addition, it is noteworthy not only design, but also the quality of the materials these gloves are made Mujjo.

Here we have more details on these gloves Mujjo with which you can use the iPhone without taking them off and they will freeze this winter hands. Which of them would you choose?

Mujjo created gloves for touch screen with an amazing design

These gloves touchscreen created by Mujjo have a shape that fits perfectly in the hand and a leather strap with magnetic button that provides a snap. Another point in favor of these gloves is that they have several slip points that provide great grip to prevent the iPhone from falling to the ground.

Mujjo wearing gloves touch screen to the next level with a stunning design and a leather strap that crosses over a small notch on the wrist for snug and not slip out. Inside they have a smooth coating layer fleece which provides a soft touch and a sense of strong and durable gloves.

As mentioned above, the palms of the gloves have small silicone grip points that improve support and provide greater security. And many times when we pick up the iPhone with gloves we can slip and fall to the ground.

On the other hand, I must say that the gloves for touch screen dual layer have been developed in response to requests from users who live in colder climates and looking gloves with which to use the mobile screen and have an insulation extra. This extra layer, made of wool, acts as an insulator and provides an improved coating.

Moreover, unlike other gloves that can be found on the market, the experience of Mujjo offer unrestricted touch screen. This means you can use all fingertips, knuckles or the palm of the hand while the other usually only enabled the index finger touch screen and thumb of each hand.

If you want to get any of these gloves Mujjo just ordering through their website . They ship all over the world and the price of gloves is between 25 and 100 € depending on the model.

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