Victims Relatives Ask Apple for Measures Against iPhone Use in the Car -


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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Victims Relatives Ask Apple for Measures Against iPhone Use in the Car

Each time, the rejection of the practice of using the mobile while driving is greater. However, still many drivers who, for whatever reason, they maintain that stupid behavior that endangers not only his life but also that of others.

Through various awareness campaigns, it has always tried to teach drivers their risk by keeping this bad habit. It has also been recalled that there is no justification for looking at the phone while driving.

The lock of the mobile in the car, is the solution?

Still, many believe the effort they put bodies involved in road safety is not enough, so we have decided to seek and to tackle the root of the problem. From Cult of Mac , comes the case of the families of four British citizens who died after being run over by a truck, the driver being distracted with this phone.

They believe that mobile phone use behind the wheel has become an epidemic, and therefore manufacturers should take action on the matter. Among them include Apple, as a few years ago, applied for the patent for an iPhone locking system in the car. However, this did not develop, nor is it in the future plans of the company.

Undoubtedly, we must continue working on these aspects

During these last years, different solutions have been developed to avoid having to arrive at measures as drastic as the lock of the telephone. Using voice control using digital assistants like Siri or Google Now, or systems like Apple carplay , has allowed many people no longer have an excuse to distract using the touch screen of your phone.

But there is no doubt that the work should not end there. Our lives demand that we be permanently connected, whether for work or for any other reason. However, we can not allow this rhythm of life to put us and others at risk in this way.

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