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Saturday, 12 November 2016

What does iOS 10 Need to Be Perfect?

We have many reasons to believe that iOS 10 is the best mobile operating system today, but still far from perfect ...

IOS software 10 is not perfect, and is largely due to the many constraints that Apple implements in it. It's a closed operating system, and that's where its elegance and minimalism lie, in addition to Apple's inimitable and aggressive marketing strategy ...

But there are many functions, performance and features that could make iOS 10 out perfect without damaging its performance, usability and user experience. In this article we will talk about it. And in addition, we have allowed ourselves the luxury of retouching with Photoshop the screenshots to offer a visualization of some of the changes that we pose. We started. What does iOS 10 need to be perfect?

1. Dock

For years and years with the same problem, the iOS Dock allows only a limited number of applications to be added. Specifically 6. It would be ideal if iOS 10 users could include an unlimited number of apps to the Dock, or at least a couple more ...

2. Notifications

The new iOS 10 Rich Notifications feature is great, and now it's possible to interact with its content. But it would not be bad if Apple included images Notification (contacts, videos, file transfer, large emoji ...). It would look something like what you see in the screenshot below.

3. Lock Screen

The iOS 10 Lock Screen has introduced a couple of interesting changes, such as the implementation of a new Widgets panel and a section for the Camera app. But it has withdrawn the iconic functionality "Slide to Unlock" (Swipe to unlock) and we believe it should stay there forever.

4. Home Screen

In iOS 10 the Lock Screen, the Notification Center, the Control Center and many other elements of the system have been renewed. But it has not changed anything in the Home Screen. Would not it be wonderful to include Widgets among the icons of apps? Now that they have such an elegant design would be fine ...

5. Control Center

As we anticipated, the iOS 10 Control Center has been revamped with new colors for the top buttons, a redesign of its user interface and new panels for HomeKit and Music. But ... What if Apple finally allowed to customize their elements? It would be great to add buttons for 3G connectivity for localization, and other settings.

6. iMessage

The iMessage platform from Apple has obtained fabulous new features in iOS 10. Now the Messages app allows users to have features like Tapback, Digital Touch, Emotion, installation of apps, rich links ... That yes, something very important is missing, again the personalization. Apple should allow users to change the color of messages every conversation independently and, why not, download new effects chat.

7. Photos

If there is a functionality that we ask, year after year, Apple is the manual organization of photographs in the Photos app. It's really uncomfortable (and anti-aesthetic if you let me) have to settle for the organization that Apple raises. If the necessary technology and system capacity exist, why not? It should be possible to keep the finger pressed on a photograph to move from one position to another without problems. And already, also the possibility to rename each photo, edit dates and locations.

8. Slide Over

If there is something truly useful and productive in iOS 10 for iPad is multitasking. With the Slide Over and Split View functions it is possible to open and interact with two applications at the same time. But in the case of Slide Over there are some details to be polished. For example, you could include a crosshead to close applications from Slide Over (see picture) and not have to open the App Switcher to close each app again and again. In addition, Apple would also be great to sort applications allow Slide Over at will.

9. Picture-in-Picture

Picture-in-Picture (or PiP) is the name that receives the functionality that offers the ability to play superimposed videos in the foreground while performing other actions in the background. This feature is ideal, but could include a small scroll bar to move the video forward and backward, and implement an option to enlarge its size, although this should not be a problem in the iPad Pro 12.9 inch .

10. Errors

Obviously there are other factors that would help iOS 10 out perfect, such as bug fixes and solutions to some problems concerning the mobile operating system : connectivity, slowdown, battery, incompatible apps ...

These are some of the features, features, features and details that we would love for Apple to implement in future versions of iOS. For the moment, we will have to settle. But the Cupertino company still has many years ahead to improve iOS 10 and its successors.

Now it's your turn. What does iOS 10 need to be the perfect mobile operating system?

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