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Thursday, 17 November 2016

What to Do When You Can not Delete an App on the Apple Watch

If you own an Apple Watch probably already you know that you can remove applications. This task is simple, but you may find that you can not delete an app from your Watch.

It is not a mistake that is often given on the Apple Watch, but rather the opposite, but when it appears can be annoying. If you has occurred do not worry, because it is nothing serious and has easy solution.

So if you have an application or applications that you want to delete the Apple Watch but can not, we invite you to keep reading. You'll see how in seconds you can delete the apps you want from the smartwatch. Let's go there!

Can not delete apps on your Apple Watch? Work it out!

The way that Apple has put to eliminate applications in watchOS is the same as the one used in iOS. Simply hold down your finger on an application icon on the main screen so that they begin to tremble and appear beside an "x". All you have to do is click on the "x" in the app you want to delete and that's it.

However, recently several users have complained that the "x" button did not appear in applications. It's a rather strange problem, but the solution would be simple, and it's possible that you have the restrictions on Apple Watch enabled.

To check this go to the Watch app on your iPhone and there go to Settings - General - Restrictions. If this option is enabled, turn it off. You may not know it, but when restrictions are enabled you can not delete applications on Apple Watch.

On the other hand, I must say that you should disable the automatic installation of applications. The reason is that if for any reason you re-activate the restrictions the deleted applications will be reinstalled alone.

Another way to delete apps from Apple Watch

Did you know that you can also remove Apple Watch applications directly from the iPhone? Watch the smartphone app you can see a list of all the applications you have installed on the clock. Click on the one you want look for the option to show app and deactivate it.

Finally, you'll know that iOS 10 lets you eliminate native applications. If you want to get rid of it also in the Apple Watch, all you have to do is remove the iPhone and also automatically execute the action on your smartwatch.

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