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Sunday, 13 November 2016

What We Miss from the Presentation of the iPhone 7

Forget, for a moment, of the withdrawal of the 3.5 mm jack connector and the "courage" of the Cupertino company to change things and innovate. Forget the glossy finish captivating and Jet Black, and forget the spectacular dual camera model i7 +.

The hardware innovations introduced in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are great, yes, but would have been much better with Dual Sim support.

Dual Sim support for the iPhone 7 has been rumored for many months, in fact many people strongly believed that Apple would present it as a novelty in the Keynote.

As its name suggests, this feature would allow users to connect two different SIM cards in the iPhone. Okay, it may not sound as exciting as it should, but it would open up a whole world of possibilities both personally and business.

For example, if your job provides you with a phone they will expect you to answer the call even if you are on full vacation, as the case may be. So you have to take the two smartphones anywhere. In addition, you can not be installed Pokémon GO, Netflix, or Monument Valley in a terminal owned by the company.

This implies that you must be juggling two smartphones, and be careful if they are the same model because you can end up sending your boss your most recent self on the beach, yes, with all your joys in the air.

If in your business you travel by plane a lot the Dual Sim will also provide you with many advantages. Instead of pulling out your SIM card and enter another, you'll get both cards at the same time and change with a simple tap on your iPhone.

And with an iPhone Dual Sim could benefit from the best offers on the market each operator. Send messages, calls, mobile data ... While acknowledging that you could end up making you a mess!

What do you think, guys? Would it be interesting to implement Dual Sim support on the iPhone?

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