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Friday, 11 November 2016

WhatsApp Adds Two-Step and Audience Checks in the Background

WhatsApp , one of the most popular applications of iOS messaging, has again received a new beta update. The truth is that the developers of this app did not stop lately ...

On this occasion it was found that the beta WhatsApp 2.16.341 finally verficicación include a process of two steps. In addition, the application will allow users to play audio in the background. Two very interesting features.

How the two-step verification process works

In the configuration section of WhatsApp you will find a new option of verification of two steps. When accessing this functionality you will see a screen where it is explained in detail in what it consists.

To verify your phone number for your account WhatsApp have to enter a security code 6 - digit and confirm. The process also requires an email address to be used to reset your password if you forget it .

Once you have completed this process, the two-step verification will be active on your phone number. No one can activate WhatsApp with the same phone number unless they have the security code or can access the inbox of the email address you have provided.

As mentioned above, it is not the only novelty in this new update. WhatsApp messages can also play audio in the background. Previously, we needed to keep the application open to listen to voicemails.

Now we can switch applications and the audio will continue to play without problem!

Download or update WhatsApp

Both functions will be available when the beta phase of this release is completed. Then you can update the app from the App Store.

What do you think about what's new in WhatsApp for iOS and Android? Did you expect any of these features?

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