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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

WhatsApp leaves data exchange with Facebook in Europe

Since a few months ago WhatsApp changed its terms and conditions have been many complaints from users and regulatory institutions from several countries. And the change in its privacy policy involves exchanging data with Facebook, its owner since 2014. The fact that the application of world 's most used messaging and one of the heavyweights of social networks to share our telephone numbers And other personal data did not like anything.

WhatsApp and Facebook have remained undaunted, united against the barrage of criticism against the investigations have been carried out countries like Germany, Spain, France, Italy and the UK, to determine whether it is a practice within the law. A few days ago, the social network of Zuckerberg announced that threw the towel in the UK , something that was also happening in Germany. But now comes the confirmation: WhatsApp will no longer share data with Facebook.

This cessation in the exchange of information covers all European users, but as recorded by the Teknautas website, Facebook clarified in a statement that it is temporary. They argue in this release that unemployment in sending data is to analyze the complaints received: "As a result of our discussions with various agencies over the past months, we have paused temporarily in Europe using data users WhatsApp with end product or advertising on Facebook, to give them the opportunity to articulate their concerns and discuss them . "

As says the social network I like - - so for now sending information of WhatsApp to Facebook, which, despite being the aim of providing more adequate targeted advertising to each user is standing does not cease to be a violation of privacy. What do you think about it?

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