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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

WhatsApp Video Calls Now Available for Everyone

The most widely used application in the world still lacks messaging features to satisfy users, because the truth is that the strength of WhatsApp is precisely to be the most used and where we find most of our contacts. There are other messaging apps that offer interesting features, such as Telegram or Google Allo , but not have so many users do not have the impact it does have any news (however small) of WhatsApp.

But this time I speak of an important, very important characteristic. This is something that many users have been asking for time, something that I went along in October and at that time only work in version 2.16.13 for iOS . But now yes, because, finally: video calls WhatsApp reach, and this time landing for everyone. In the following video that have made fellow UrbanTecno you can see this kind of video calls in action.


With WhatsApp you can enjoy videocalls

The team of this popular application has announced a few hours ago that video calls are now available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms. As I mentioned, this is not a novelty because it was already introduced a month ago, but in the beta versions.

WhatsApp now considered to have tested enough and have corrected all malfunctions of this feature, so we believe it is time to release it stably for major mobile ecosystems. In order to use this function, all that is required is that the other contact has also updated.

Since the company - owned by Facebook since 2014 - have announced this important news as follows: "Today we are pleased to announce another step we made to connect people, video calls. In the coming days, more than 1,000 million WhatsApp users can make video calls whether they use an iPhone, as if using Android or Windows Phone "devices.

The update that adds video calls to WhatsApp will come gradually over the next few days, so it's just a matter of having a little patience to have this feature in the final version of this app. You still need to check if they are really video calls with picture and sound quality, without problems that interrupt the conversation, but in any case it constitutes a step forward for WhatsApp. ¿ You will use video calls with this app?

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