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Friday, 4 November 2016

Who will manufacture the OLED screen of the next iPhone 8

Following the launch of iPhone 7 for many not as powerful as expected, all eyes are now directed to the next release of the iPhone's tenth anniversary, the iPhone 8. And they have not yet passed or two months from the start sale of the current generation, but rumors about the next generation iPhone stop not appear.

And no wonder , since the expectations of the generation that will mark ten years since the output of the first iPhone are very high, and these rumors do little more than feed that desire to pass and one year. Or at least eight months to September next year, when is expected to make an appearance.

Samsung and LG, enter the contest

In this case, we again address the issue of the iPhone screen 8. As discussed above, the reports indicate that the iPhone 8 will finally jump to the screens with OLED technology. The question now is to know the manufacturer of these.

Although initially we reported that Sharp was in the process of becoming the provider of Apple for their next phone screens, today we find a somewhat different picture. And according to the information provided by Business Korea , Samsung and LG would also be vying for the contract with Sharp.

The shift to OLED displays

This is not at all unreasonable, especially by Samsung, which is responsible for making the corresponding OLED panels to Touch Bar of the new MacBook Pro . However, it is important to stress that we should not notice a special difference between providers, choose which to choose.

Precisely because there will be no noticeable difference, it is not something that worries me especially. I believe that only by the jump to the OLED, either of which is perfectly valid if it is able to meet production.

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