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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Why does the MacBook Pro's RAM not exceed 16GB?

It is not new and in fact question the expectation for this 2016 revolved around a possible substantial increase in system RAM line world 's most famous notebooks, however, this has not happened, and of course The disappointment of some has been something great.

In fact, it was for one of these disappointments posted in a comment by software developer Ben Slaney, where basically to the same question directly to the executive of the California firm Phil Schiller that I delay not only to respond to the comment but to Make an article about this topic

The answer…

Everything as in the opinion of executive marketing Apple will in order to maintain competitiveness and efficiency in the design of the MacBook Pro, which in the opinion of Schiller flatly lose by opting for a memory of 32 GB which in The opinion of this defendant the following changes.

The first is in relation to the memory bar of the computer card which would have to be substantially larger, which would otherwise change the dimensions of the computer. On the other hand, in relation to the battery functioned as the main argument of the firm.

More speed does not always mean more efficiency and in accordance with this assumption change RAM device would imply a greater demand on battery power which would require not only redesign, but also force drastically reduce the durability of it.

Compared to almost thirty days the battery current MacBook Pro may be in sleep mode, it would be reduced to no more than 7 days, which of course represents not only that we have less time to leave a laptop in this way , But it is also more likely that battery lose charge more and more quickly.

Finally coming to light that an update for this type of memory would cause Apple to face problems with the standards of the air transport regulatory agency or FAA as it has already done to Windows.

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