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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Why Exploit the Battery of your iPhone

Nowadays there is no smartphone maker who boasts that he does not have a history of explosive models to his credit. In many cases, it is difficult to distinguish which stories are true and which are morbid intentional rumors. In any case one thing is clear: the batteries explode and Samsung is the outstanding leader of the pyrotechnic industry with its Galaxy Note 7 although Apple also has an explosive episode .

The funny thing about all this is that the new batteries of Samsung are a version that came to replace the previous one, removed by entailing fire risk. But the story goes off and it's no longer just telephones: airports, washing machines, electric cars ... what's happening? Is it time to ask for help from Iker Jiménez?

What causes the explosion of the batteries?

The answer is clear: Lithium. Lithium is a less toxic than their predecessors element lead or cadmium and allows recharge thousands of times. In addition, the lithium layers allows an integrated avoiding overloads and downloads compact design. Do you remember to disconnect the plug from the charger once the charge is complete? Nothing further from reality, with Lithium that is no longer a problem.

Over time, lithium batteries have been improved by increasing its energy density, ie, allow more energy storage in less space. However, higher energy means more heat transferred to the device, whose components are expanded with a terrifying result: the explosion.

Obviously, this is a crass error design and manufacturing must be remedied as soon as possible to avoid disappointment against public health and negative publicity.

This problem is not new, but it has now been with the rise of electronic gadgets and smart cities when it occurs more frequently.

Towards the batteries of the future

The future of the batteries in the medium term continues to seek a compromise between energy storage to the smallest possible volume, yes, paying utmost attention to safety by applying the necessary testing to ensure that new smartphones not explode when exposed to certain friction and heat Typical of the daily routine.

☺Although iPhone users can say we are quite satisfied with the size of the battery in general, we are not so much in their autonomy. Unlike the other Apple lines like the Mac in which any computer in the range supports hours of intensive use without recharging - with an abysmal difference from the competition - in the case of iPhone is not. Rare is the day that can withstand a daily day of continuous use. We want more longevity, but not at a cost that involves risks to our health.

Neither can we forget the batteries are highly polluting elements, with a complex and expensive recycling. In the long term, the desirable idea is to try to accumulate power without using batteries, at least the type of battery that currently exists. Therefore, two alternatives are emerging: o research to produce a new concept of more secure and powerful battery with other components, or design some sort of system or technology to load much faster.

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