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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Why is iMessage Better (and Worse) than WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Messenger is the queen of instant messaging application, both iOS and Android. But no app is perfect, in fact WhatsApp lacks some options that would greatly improve its usage experience and how we communicate with our friends.

Following the release of iOS 10 to WhatsApp he has come a new competitor: iMessage. The messaging platform iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac has added interesting features that have been at the top of the category, with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram.

In this publication we will tell you what has iMessage that does not have WhatsApp, and finally we will end up with all the WhatsApp features that iMessage would need to improve.

1. Stickers

iMessage allows the possibility of sending Stickers, and not only that, but also allows users to place the stickers anywhere conversation: a video, a photo, a message ...

2. Reactions

With iMessage users can hold down on a message (or make a double tap) to include TapBack reactions. Likes, thumbs down, hearts, laughter, admiration signs, question marks ...

3. App Store

In addition, iMessage now has integration in the App Store. What does this mean? Users can download apps to play online, send money transfers, create GIFs, music and endless possibilities.

4. Effects

Apple has also added new special effects and background chat that make an animation plays when you send a message: invisible messages , balloons flying, hearts, confetti, shooting stars, moving messages ...

5. Digital Touch

Finally, iMessage incorporated Digital Touch technology through which you can send freehand drawings that your contacts will see as they have been drawn line by line. A minor function, but a lot of fun.

What is iMessage missing to match WhatsApp?

First, WhatsApp is much faster than iMessage. Apple's messaging app does not send messages, pictures and videos at the same speed as WhatsApp. In addition, WhatsApp is compatible with iOS and Android, while iMessage is limited to Apple devices.

Everyone has WhatsApp installed on their device, making it difficult for iMessage to reach WhatsApp's popularity. Finally, the Apple Messaging app does not have a web version ... And sometimes it's really useful!

What do you think? Which messaging application do you use the most?

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