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Monday, 28 November 2016

Why making the iPhone in the United States is silly

After the victory of Donald Trump in the last US election, much has been said about the possibility of moving the manufacturing of Apple products to America . And it is that Trump plans about tariffs of up to 45% to stop the importation of goods. Beyond tax costs, the question is, is it worth making the iPhone in the United States or is it a nonsense?

And the way Trump Make America Great Again that is, to boost the economy base in order to become a world power in manufacturing, as it was at the beginning and half of the twentieth century - is none other than force through taxes multinational born in the United States to move their factories to American soil, regardless. the reality is that this migration is a chimera, and the guys at MIT have been commissioned to prove it .

According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - the best university in the world to study engineering - manufacturing of an iPhone in the US would cost at least $ 100 more to do in Asia, even though tariffs provided during the government of Trump. From a logistical point of view it is not feasible. But the problem goes even further: it is that even if it could, the effect on the American labor market would be minimal.

Because Apple does not manufacture in China only for lower costs, but also because China itself is a technological cluster where suppliers are concentrated, with plenty of skilled workers and an industrial fabric that supports more technological innovations. The US industry day today lacks the proper know-how Chinese industry and its flexibility is lower.

A decades China has struggled to develop this ecosystem, something impossible in the United States in a legislature. To begin with, a brutal economic injection and large-scale training of workers would be necessary. To give an example, Apple was able to hire in a couple of days to 100,000 workers in 2014 to increase the manufacture of the iPhone 6s, a mobilization that has not happened in the United States since World War II.

Finally, it is unreasonable to make all that effort with the current growing industry trend to replace operator jobs by robots, leaving the human hand for more specific tasks that machines can not reach.

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