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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Would you change your name for an iPhone 7?

As time goes by, it is more complicated to impress and attract people's attention. Everyone is accustomed to classic advertising campaigns promoting products of all kinds, sometimes including some kind of competition, where we can get the free product.

However, somehow always an idea that sets a new record on the scale of the absurdity appears. And today, we teach you one of those ideas, one that has certainly succeeded in achieving virality in a satisfactory way. And we've never seen such a challenge before.

My name is Sim, iPhone Yes

And, for the first time, the challenge is to change your name to a product, to grab the free. IPhone 7 which both we have spoken here , in exchange for teaching an official identification in the name of iPhone Sim (Seven) appears.

The average AP , which spread the news first comments as this name change is a completely reversible process according to Ukrainian laws (Country where the contest began). Only paying a small fee of two dollars is necessary, which ultimately would be the final price of the iPhone winners.

There are no limits to marketing

But, even if it is a "simple" process, it is really absurd as someone may change his own name with the sole purpose of getting an iPhone. Of course, the campaign has worked perfectly, as the responsible electronics chain has appeared for a few days around the world.

So, we have a new limit to overcome. What will be next? Tattoo on the back the design of the next iPhone? Really sobering that fanaticism for these products reach these limits, but hey, everyone is free to act as it sees fit. And the iPhone in the end have taken it for two dollars.

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