You can not go a day without this keychain for your iPhone 7 -


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Monday, 7 November 2016

You can not go a day without this keychain for your iPhone 7

If you're a brand new user of the latest model of smartphones Apple, that is, an iPhone 7 or an iPhone 7 Plus, you'll be terribly happy with the experience offered except for a small and insignificant detail that we have spoken at length: the no connection jack 3.5 mm .

Apple is known worldwide for its design and innovation, and part of that fearlessness is shown ahead of time and skipping over the rules with controversial decisions in a principi or, as may be their exclusive designs ports, no SD slot in their new MacBook Pro 2016 or eliminating 3.5mm jack connection on iPhone in 7.

This progress has enabled a much lighter devices but a nuisance for music lovers who have seen reduced its range of headphones that work via Bluetooth or craved AirPods, do not hit stores until later this year .

But what if you already have good headphones with 3.5 mm jack corresponding connection? Well , you had to carry around an adapter to connect your iPhone 7 via the connection Lightning. A simple but uncomfortable and very easily extraviable solution. Until now.

Because someone is a wonderful invention has occurred because of its simplicity and effectiveness. It is Uncourage , a Lightning adapter - 3.5 mm jack which is integrated with a key ring. Thus you always carry with you - unless you leave the keys, but then the disgust you were going to have anyway -.

This incredibly useful invention costs only 6 dollars, a derisory value compared to what it would buy back quality headphones compatible with iPhone 7 or wait for the AirPods. With them, to squeeze off your current helmets and have a very useful secret friend who expected to celebrate next month the company in detail.

Do you have an adapter for your iPhone 7? Are you waiting for the release of the AirPods? Tell us your experiences with adapters!

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