You will have a mobile with the flexible screen, Samsung gets the patent -


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Thursday, 24 November 2016

You will have a mobile with the flexible screen, Samsung gets the patent

The Korean manufacturer is advancing its intention to launch a mobile phone capable of doubling. After patents with mobile phones of this type, Samsung has managed to register the flexible display. Future Samsung Galaxy folding await us.

The world of patents is open to wars between companies for registering a utility that allows them to stand out from the rest. Flexible screens are not something new, we already have them seen commercially on mobile phones like the Edge line. But now Samsung gets a patent that will be very useful to go further: registered the flexible screen that adapts to a mobile capable of folding.

This flexible screen would allow the manufacture of foldable mobiles

Samsung itself has patented this type of smartphones, as we saw a few weeks ago. The idea is not bad: a device that, folded, is quite small; but, when deployed, it is able to double their screen size in order to have greater surface use. It would be the logical evolution of mythical shell mobiles.

What is special about the new Samsung patent around flexible displays is that not only records the key feature of the screen, also the composition of the panel to achieve adapt to the conditions. Different flexible layers of plastic material between which would be a Super AMOLED panel and the network of electrodes with which it would be able to operate the screen.

According to an analyst anticipated we would see in 2017 the first commercial folding mobiles. The patents granted to Samsung go that way: they open the door to the commercialization of a technology that will be common in the near future. Now it will be necessary to see if it will be practical beyond bringing the devices over without bulging so much. What more benefits would a flexible screen have?

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