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Sunday, 25 December 2016

10 Reasons to Buy Apple Wireless Headsets

Last week Apple released AirPods - it's one of the extraordinary devices of recent times. They are not the headphones, but device носимым. Thanks to their Apple W1 processor they have much more capacity than those of smartphone headsets.

AirPods - is the End product, in which the full promise of functions work like clockwork, so there is no sense that Apple hastily launched gadget, so that in stock was a wireless headset for the iPhone 7. The headphones that like it Who was excited about the EarPods, its sound and ease of use. They are also perfectly suited for motorists and sportsmen, as each headset can be used separately as a headset. And in general to all those who seek ideal headsets for the Apple ecosystem.

1. The absence of cables

When Apple AirPods were created they apparently tried to get rid of everything they deemed unnecessary: ​​cables, buttons, pointers and others studying atavisms. The same was observed in the new MacBook and iPhone, which much of what they have lost with the course of "evolution." But in the case of headphones, the radical does not cause any kind of rejection. "A wireless future of Apple greet all users of the" apple "technology.

2. The convenient way

Headphones repeat in many respects classic EarPods headphones, outlandish form that in 2012 became motive for jokes and discussions. However, in Apple all once placed on the shelves: to ensure a perfect fit in the ears of most users, when creating original devices have been researched shells of more than 600 people and has created 124 prototype. So AirPods are ideal for those who were approaching EarPods.

3. 24 hours of self-employment

Apple does not лукавила about autonomous working time AirPods. A charge of each of the headphones runs for 5 hours. With this case offers even more than 19 hours, in total is 24 hours of work. This lack of 4-5 days of listening to music. In addition, 15 minutes in the case of headphones are charged at 70%, and this provides about three hours of listening. For such a compact gadget with the battery at 20 mah is a surprising result, so it is worth praising the W1 processor.

4. The battery case

The AirPods battery-case - one of the most interesting inventions of Apple. Thank you футляру headphones is never lost and will not get dirty. And with a built-in battery the headphones will always be ready to work: opened the lid and ready.

5. Easy to connect

To connect the headphones it is not necessary to press anything, change, enter the configuration and perform other absurdities of the action. Simply unlock the phone, activate the Bluetooth, and bring smartphone to the airbag briefcase. All in all, now headphones totally ready to work and they will connect to all devices with this Apple ID automatically.

6. The sound quality

If you consider that the AirPods as a classic of the liner, designed to listen to music on the move, the sound quality that may well match the EarPods. With a small but important difference: new headphones have deeper sound and well-configured as under the bouncy rock of the 1960s, and under the violence of two or three strings of modern guitar indie-groups.

7. Automatic pause, hands-free mode

A fundamental element to guarantee the "magic" of AirPods, are infrared sensors, which define the position inside the ear. That is, they automatically put the music on pause, if you pull one of the headphones, then automatically include the playback. AirPods are perfectly suited for motorists / companies / athletes, as each headset can be used separately as монофонической from the headphones.

8. What does not fall out of ears

When AirPods is worn out there is no doubt: it is the seated in the ear and they do not cause discomfort, they have a lot of confidence and they can appear only if they casually touch their hand. During the week the use of headphones has not given a single reason to doubt the reliability of the plantation. When it runs, the sharp movement of the head and other active shares AirPods remain real estate.

9. Compatibility with Siri

Due to the fact that there is no button in the body, all the control is done with the help of google now. To call Siri you need to tap twice on the handset, after dictating the command you need. With these actions you can accept and reject an incoming call, make higher / lower sound, as well as pause the music. It is worth giving credit to the developers: Siri understands what she wants, in any person, even for the noisiest.

10. The price

In Russia AirPods cost 212.522 US Dollar, which is quite expensive. For that money you can buy either qualitative "plug" eminent producer, or the average size of the headphones. However, filler and opportunity AirPods in many respects outperform almost all the models that can be bought for the money. The Apple W1 processor and a bit of sound processes and organizes noise reduction and the life time is prolonged, and does many other things. And if you check out other similar headphones (Jabra Elite Sport, the Samsung Gear IconX), the issue of prices passes, as it costs much more expensive.

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