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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

5 Best Cydia tweaks

There are many users of iPhone and iPad Jailbreak favor, in fact, there are still users who have gone from iOS 10 with the sole purpose of having installed the Jailbreak in iOS 9.x

Jailbreak and Cydia tweaks provide useful tools and applications to customize iOS, add new features and enhance performance of certain elements of the system.

So today are 5 new Cydia that allow you to make the most of the Jailbreak and all its advantages in the iPhone.

Flex 3 - Free for a limited time

Flex 3 is a platform that allows users to create their own patches for applications and for the system. It is developed with Swift 3 and is a great utility to create a user community Jailbreak.

FixEnhancer - $ 1.99

FixEnhancer takes the popular streaming application, Netflix, to a new level thanks to the implementation of new functionalities and features. With this tweak you can improve the use and Netflix experience jumping point in the video you want and improving sound Chromecast. It also works with the latest version of Netflix.

Scriblit - $ 1.50

Scriblit is one of the most interesting Cydia tweaks in the Jailbreak panorama for iPhone and iPad. With this tweak you will have the ability to draw and write down notes on the screen of your device. Additionally, Scriblit comes with a wide variety of colors, brush size and alpha levels.

QuickDial Pro - $ 0.99

This new utility Cydia for Jailbreak allows users of iOS 9.x using a marker with 3D Touch features on the iPhone.


Finally, from iPadizate, we recommend the Cydia YouText tweak. This utility lets you change the color of text and background in the Notes application. An element of personalization to keep in mind.

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