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Monday, 5 December 2016

5 reasons to install iOS 10.2 on your iPhone and iPad

Apple carries a time launching new beta versions of IOS 10.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Currently, you can only access this beta version via the Software Program Beta Apple or by the Developer Center of the company. But it is expected that the final public version of IOS 10.2 comes to light in this December.

10.2 iOS will include a wide range of new features that provide users of iPhone and iPad all kinds of benefits. That is why we will tell you all the reasons why you should consider installing iOS 10.2 as it becomes available in this article, and may that be before Christmas.

Additionally you can also choose to download the beta version of IOS 10.2, although you'll need to be previously registered in the Developer Center or the Beta Program Apple Software. In addition, the beta version may still contain bugs and stability issues, something you should keep in mind when deciding.

Install iOS 10.2 if you want new emojis

10.2 iOS will bring a large collection of emoji keyboard iPhone and iPad. And we have been waiting for them for a long time. So if you want to send emojis of avocados, bacon, paella, facepalm, clowns, or glasses of whiskey to your contacts do not hesitate to install iOS 10.2.

Install iOS 10.2 if you want to try the new TV app

Apple will replace your current native application video for the new TV application submitted in the event MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. This new app enables users to access all content streaming movies and TV shows from iTunes, Netflix, HBO and other platforms including Recommendations and a shop.

Install iOS 10.2 if you want to solve problems with your iPhone / iPad

If you are experiencing any problem in IOS 10.1.1 (or iOS 9.x) as a reduction in battery life , connectivity bugs or errors incompatibility with WhatsApp you should install iOS 10.2 because this version will have improved stability and Corrections.

Install iOS 10.2 if you want new iMessage effects

IOS 10.2 includes two new chat effects for Apple's iMessage application. One shows a heart-shaped balloon and the other shows elegant golden spheres moving across the screen.

Installs iOS 10.2 to use emergency services

Finally, we recommend installing iOS 10.2 because it will have a new SOS functionality to automatically call emergency services 5 times followed by pressing the button on / off iPhone.

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