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Sunday, 25 December 2016

8 Reasons to Jailbreak iOS 10

This week the hacking community released the jailbreak tool for iOS 10. With the help of Yalu you can hack the iPhone 7, the iPhone 6s, the iPhone SE and the iPad Pro. MacDigger invites you to consider 8 reasons why owners Of Apple gadgets worth going on the evil side. "

Why is jailbreak required, and what does the user receive after installing Cydia? First, you can bypass the protection of the operating system and put in The iPhone and iPad of the application and unauthorized adjustments before the official release of the catalog of the App Store. Secondly radically change the design of the operating system. In fact, the causes of getting rid of the "slavery" of a few, we offer eight of the best.

1. Black the design theme

The standard application interface of the App Store Configuration and many others very bright. In the menu and the design predominates white is a color I like a lot, not most users. Especially difficult to handle, on a clear background when working with the iPhone and iPad at night. The jailbreak allows you to activate black theme, which can be easily incorporated from the settings. In Dark Mode for iOS it really makes sense. Mode reduces negative impact on eyes at night and favorable looks on black devices.

2. Acceleration of work

IPhone and iPad owners are going to jailbreak, not just by installing pirated or illegal apps from the purchase of content внутриирового. Many seduces the ability to download informal, unauthorized utility, for different reasons, in the App Store. Twic for the Speed ​​Intensifier overclocking system and the application to clean the "trash" iCleaner Pro as such. Speed ​​Intensifier The easiest way changes the speed of iOS 10 animations. When rendering the interface is accelerated, with no need for configuration.

3. Optimization and cleaning of "garbage"

ICleaner Pro - one of the most advanced solutions for cleaning iPhone and iPad files unnecessary. Simple and direct utility in the management and eliminates data from applications, logs, caches, partially downloaded Cydia packages, unused as well as temporary files, thus ensuring faster system operation and free up space in the interior Of flash memory.

4. Blocking applications with Touch ID

With the help of твика BiolockDown you can lock the applications in iOS 10 through the fingerprint scanner integrated in the main button of the smartphone. By default, the sensor automates only access to the home by password screen or shopping in the App Store and iTunes Store. Thanks to this твику, using дактилоскопический module can also restrict access to games and applications. For example, to block Photos, iMessage or social networking clients.

5. Setting the Home Button

Virtual Home allows you to use the fingerprint scanner of the iPhone and iPad as the Home button. According to the author's idea of ​​the add-on, with a simple touch of the smartphone's main button can be used for the execution of different system actions, and not only for standard actions like unlocking the device or payments in Apple's online stores.

6. Update the interface

In the latest versions of iOS, Apple has opened a new space for the modification of the iPhone and iPad. That's just the API for the Siri voice wizard, the Apple map mark, or the Phone app. However, even the present of freedom is still very far away. The jailbreak allows you to remove all restrictions from Apple and update the user interface: customize the dock, to place the icons on the home screen in any order, do round, adjust icons, change animation scrolling through the pages.

Thanks твикам can change icons, fonts, lock screen, fully преобразив standard operating system look. Opportunities are not limited and each user can pick the design to their liking - add elements definitely absent скевоморфизма, or vice versa, and even more simplify the interface, the week favorite.

7. Configure the Control Point

One of the most interesting jailbreak-settings allows you to adjust the iOS Control Option. After installing the jailbreak gadget you can control it with the buttons on the Control Point bar. By default, Apple has added five functions to Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb and Rotation Lock and four of the Flashlight, Stopwatch, Calculator and Camera functions. Thanks твикам through iOS 10 bars you can control virtually all parameters of iOS system, including settings, mobile data, modem mode, виброрежим, automatic locking, GPS, detection services and others.

8. Correct the deficiencies of

Owners of the "engaged" iPhone and iPad can install applications of the new class, which are not supported in the Apple store, which can correct many of the shortcomings of iOS. DE official developers must follow strict company rules, so they can not fully develop the potential user of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Want to record phone conversations? The ceremony! Turn on iOS settings? No problem. And can you remove advertising on YouTube or apps? Activate the flash? Add a real multitasking? Hide the cumbersome volume indicator? Install the launcher? Add settings for the camera standard? The list is endless.

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