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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

A fool spends 1 million dollars on an iPhone game

The free-to-play games of the App Store for iPhone and iPad are very dangerous, both in the hands of children and adults. And this news is a clear sign of it.

A man in California, has embezzled funds for his company, immediately afterwards, spend one million US dollars in a game of your iPhone.

According to a court in the District Courts of the United States east of California, a man named Kevin Lee Co. pleaded guilty to the charges against fraud and embezzling 5 million.

Kevin Lee spent a million in Game of War in-app purchases

Of the $ 5 million he stole, Kevin Lee Co spent 1 million in-app purchases of the popular online strategy game Game of War.

It is a game that allows players to face each other in a multiplayer mode. The game runs under the model "freemium", ie, it is a free game that invites you to spend money on their integrated within the application purchases.

In-app purchases Game of War, as many as many of his style, give players better weapons, power - ups, and other resources.

The average in-app purchases of all players during 2015 was $ 550.

Kevin Lee also spent money from misappropriated funds on tickets to the NBA game between the Sacramento Kings and the San Francisco 49'ers. Moreover, he used much of the amount in cosmetic surgery and luxury cars.

It is curious that he has used so much money in a simple game for iPhone, which is after all a product intended for entertainment. What an addiction!

Game of War is one of the most popular games in the industry, the title gets close to a million benefits daily, something that allows developers to employ stars such as Kate Upton to star TV ads during the Super Bowl.

The man will be sentenced in May 2017 and faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. Hopefully you have enjoyed one of your last games in Game of War ...

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