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Thursday, 8 December 2016

A iPhone 7s red color? Apple could release in 2017

Although the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus came just three months ago, there already is a swaying of information that fatten the rumor mill about the upcoming models. One reason may be the low degree of innovation and change that has led to the seventh generation of phones Cupertino firm.

Perhaps that is why it is much the iPhone 8 talks with Apple will surprise to slow its decline . The rumors suggest that this model will have a body compatible wireless charging glass , as well as improvements in the camera or a larger screen with OLED technology . But what about the future iPhone 7s? There are also rumors about this model.

Apple could release the color red with the iPhone 7s of 2017

This data comes from the specializing Macotakara , which today published a report stating that the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus iPhone will come with a chassis red. This really would be a novelty in the catalog of Apple, since it has never had this color devices, which will join the rest: glossy black, matte black (Jet Black), silver, gold and rose gold.

This is an unconfirmed report by the signing of Tim Cook, but note that this site has a high success rate in their predictions. An example is that it was the first means to predict that Apple was going to dispense with the 3.5mm jack for headphones on the iPhone 7.

On the other hand, KGI, other reliable source, predicted earlier that the company will present three new phones in 2017. If true this information as much as possible is that Apple submit two renewed versions of current models, which would be the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, and a new terminal, which corresponds to the iPhone in August.

The medium speaks Japanese premiere of red referring to the two versions of the seventh generation, and adventure that these will not include features like wireless charging or body made of glass. 7s describe the range as an "upgrade internal components" because the chip would jump A10 to A11, in addition to the new color.

In any case, where the most important changes is the iPhone 8 expected, because it seems to gain strength the ability to innovate with OLED screens, which could be curves on the sides and even without frames, in addition to integrating the start button. If it finally is so, 2017 will be a good year for the followers of the firm because we could see innovation and improvements of the hand of a surprising iPhone 8, as well as check how it feels to apple bite the color red.

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