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Saturday, 31 December 2016

A new beta of Cydia has been made for iOS 10.1.x jailbreak

In today a beta version of Cydia 1.1.28, designed for use with the jailbreak of IOS 10.1 Luca Todesco was released.

Although still the average user is not recommended to jailbreak iOS with 10.1 Yalu, who are sure to do so and have already made the decision may find that this version enhances your experience running Cydia jailbreak lightly.

Due to the early development stage of the jailbreak 10.1, it is somewhat unstable and in part this was because Cydia had not received any adaptation to work with it until now.

At the time of this writing, the new version of Cydia is in beta 3 and is now 64 bits. This should solve some of the many problems that have been reported by users. Also updated is the APT version (the package management tool that forms the Cydia backend) from 0.7.25 to 1.14.

Saurik has said that although these changes may result in a slight decrease in performance, the difference will probably be negligible, and changes were needed to improve compatibility with the iOS 10 jailbreak.

A list of known bugs is available for reading , and users should be aware that this version is not intended for general release. Only jailbreak users iOS 10.1 should install this beta for now, and even only if they are prepared to solve problems. Known bugs currently include such serious things as the inability to restart SpringBoard after installation and lock Cydia in the first installation following the amendment of Cydia.

The good thing about all this is that there is clear evidence that currently working on a jailbreak version of iOS 10, so it is a matter of being a little more patient before having a reliable version where we have no major problems.

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