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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Adding Additional Fingerprints for the Touch ID on Mac

You can add additional fingerprints for identification touch on your Mac, providing the ability to add more than one fingerprint to unlock the computer to pay via Apple Pay and make purchases from the iTunes and App Store.

Obviously the ability to add a new fingerprint in Mac requires a Mac with a Touch ID sensor in the touchbar, currently limited to the most recent model of MacBook Pro, but probably in the near furueo be available in otrosmodelos Mac and Maybe even with an external keyboard bon touch bar.

Adding Additional Fingerprints for the Touch ID on Mac

  • Go to the main menu and choose "System Preferences"
  • From the options select "Touch ID"
  • Choose "Add a fingerprint"

  • Put the new finger (toe or other part of the body ...) on the touch sensor ID and tap several times following the instructions on the screen.
  • When the fingerprint sensor fills in and notifies you that the Touch ID is ready, tap "Done" to add that Touch ID fingerprint on the Mac
  • Optionally, repeat the process with an additional fingerprint
The computer allows you to add up to five different fingerprints for identification Touch ID.

Adding additional fingerprints is convenient, but it can also be useful to add more than once the same fingerprint on the Mac as it can enhance the unlock reliability by using the Touch ID on the iPhone and iPad, particularly during different times of the year where the Skin may become drier or wetter.

Not to mention those eavesdroppers who want to see the content on our Mac, so the Touch ID provides an additional barrier to protect files and sensitive data.

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